Concourse - Transaction
Messaging System™
Your Transactions, Your Technology, Your Future
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Your Transactions, Your Technology, Your Future

Concourse — Transaction Messaging System™ (TMS) is a transaction messaging middleware solution that supports high-volume messaging across multiple disparate application processes that reside on HP NonStop and other platforms. Because it provides the switching and network communications that safely and securely transport transactions across application processes, TMS allows companies the build, configure, operate — and own — their own networks of distributed application processes at dramatically lower costs.

We invite you to learn more about these exciting features and benefits:
  • Message-Handling Flexibility
  • Fault Resilience
  • Open-Platform Services
  • Since Point of Control
  • PCI-Compliant
  • Distributed Virtual Networks
  • Message Processing Flexibility
  • Enhanced Message Queuing
   Consumers, merchants, and financial institutions count on the reliability and availability of the MasterCard Debit Switch, and our goal is to continue being the best in the world," stated John Meister, Group Head, Global Transaction Processing Systems for MasterCard Worldwide. "A critical component of MasterCard's distributed debit platform is the ability to move an extremely high volume of messages — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world. Concourse — TMS provides important support because it is a comprehensive, integrated transaction messaging facility that can accommodate our demanding global needs in an open environment.
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